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Spam, or unsolicited junk E-mail, has become a world-wide dilemma and is the #1 problem facing all Internet Service Providers at this time. Generally speaking, spam is E-mail advertising for some product sent to a mailing list or newsgroup. In addition to wasting people's time with unwanted e-mail, spam also eats up a lot of network bandwidth. Consequently, we have found that dealing with the spam is eating up most of our workday. Because the Internet is open to the public, there is really little that can be done to prevent spam, just as it is impossible to prevent junk mail from being delivered to your street mailbox. We can however, offer a solution to prevent spammers from spamming our subscribers.

99main offers an enterprise level spam filtering solution to our customer base to help fight this growing problem. After much testing, we selected a package which is customizable and can deal with a broad range of needs, from individual to corporate. Such customization is both expensive to purchase and maintain and requires powerful hardware to handle the load. Therefore we are offering this service to our customers for a nominal monthly fee. Please keep in mind that our spam filtering service is completely optional and is only available to E-mail accounts hosted by 99main Internet Services.

The greatest benefit of this service is that we filter all of the spam at server level, meaning that you will no longer have to download the spam messages to your computers.

While this service will dramatically reduce the amount of spam you receive, we can not guarantee that it will stop it. The occasional message may get by our filter and end up in your Inbox, as these spammers are very clever.

Spam Filtering Options
Option Description     Fee
Filter spam We filter all mail that looks like spam so that it does not reach your inbox.     $3.00 per account per month
Tag Spam We pass along all mail to your inbox, and we tag the messages with a spam score that will allow you to filter your own mail.     $2.00 per account per month
Opt Out We do not filter, tag or otherwise manage your E-mail. It is up to you to deal with the Spam as you see fit.     No Fee

How does it work?
Please read each description and choose an option which best suits your needs. It's not hard to change your mind after you choose an option but the methods we offer work differently so make sure you understand each one before you decide.

Filtering Spam - $3.00 per E-mail box per month
99main will filter all mail that looks like spam. Any message that is determined to be spam is rejected as soon as it reaches our server. It will not be delivered your inbox and you will not have to take the time to download it. Although we cannot guarantee that a piece of spam will never reach your inbox, most offending messages will be filtered. Since our filter is very aggressive, on rare occasions a legitimate piece of "spammy" looking E-mail may be rejected. We recommend this filtering option for people who prefer to let 99main manage the spam for them, and are willing to take the chance that an occasional legitimate piece of E-mail may be rejected. Please note: if a legitimate piece of E-mail is rejected, the sender's address can be easily added to a "white-list" so that future messages from that sender will be allowed through our spam filter for delivery.

Tag Spam Only - $2.00 per E-mail box per month
Tagging allows all spam messages to enter your inbox; however the messages have been pre-screened and assigned a "Spam Score". This Spam Score is then added to the subject line of the messages making them easy to identify. This will enable you to easily create custom filters in your E-mail program to quarantine the spam for later review or delete it altogether. We suggest tagging for customers who regularly receive "spammy" looking messages such as mailing lists, newsletters or medical correspondence. Here are a couple of examples of what tagging looks like:

[Spam:***** SpamScore] 10-Night Cruise with FREE Air $999
[Spam:******* SpamScore] Sell your timeshare for profit jguisadonvs
[Spam:********* SpamScore] RE: your message

Opt out - No Fee
Opting out means that you do not want us to filter or scan any E-mail messages for you. All mail that arrives for your 99main E-mail account will be sent directly to your inbox. There is no cost for this as it bypasses our filter completely. You do not need to notify us and no action is required by you if you choose to opt out of the filtering service.

How do I sign up for the Spam Filtering Service?
If you would like us to filter your 99main E-mail account(s) for spam, please click on the appropriate option below:

Residential Filtering sign up form

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